Thursday, April 28, 2016

Doctrinal Mastery

I am so excited about Doctrinal Mastery coming to a Seminary class near you!
As I read through this new material, I feel so excited for the youth of today! 

Doctrinal Mastery is replacing what in my day was Scripture Mastery.  But Scripture Mastery had turned into Scripture chase - who can find these scriptures the fastest? 
They want the students to really learn and apply the doctrines of Christ.  They want them to be buried deep in their hearts.  They want them to be converted disciples of Christ.  I am so excited!

They will receive:
This is the Gospel - clearly spelled out.
This is how you receive answers to your questions. (and embracing an attitude that it's OK, even good, to have questions.)
I'm so excited how this will create such strong youth, who will be become strong missionaries and leaders.

The first section is Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge.  I'm studying this thinking, "Yes, yes, yes!"  It is the principles that I have learned over my forty plus years on how He gives me answers - and what I have to do to obtain them.  "He has established the conditions we must follow in order to gain such knowledge.  His divinely ordained pattern. . . "  I felt so validated after reading these short lines.  I have experimented over the years.  Asking one way, listening to how I feel, feeling the Holy Ghost withdraw or stay.  I have learned these truths for myself - there are conditions, there is a pattern that must be followed if I expect to access the powers of Heaven.  I am so excited that will be taught straight to the youth.

and this...."As we are faithful to the truth and light we have already received, we will receive more.  Answers to our questions and prayers often come "line upon line, precept upon precept" (2 Nephi 28:30)."   Oh yes!  If there is anything I have learned in the last ten years, it is this truth, that we are given just enough to take the next step and when we take that step, we are given a little more light, till we have all that we need.  Our adoptions and our move are great examples of this.  Just enough light and knowledge to move to the next required step. excited for this new Doctrinal Mastery that the youth of today will be taught!  So cool!

and just a tidbit...I read this brief experience on and loved her give and take with Heavenly Father because it reminded me so much of how I talk with my Father in Heaven.  :)

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