Saturday, December 12, 2015

That’s Another Week…

It’s not Christmas until…these beauties show up in my kitchen!


Joy had fun making them with me!


Sammi is determined to gain all of the cooking secrets she can.  I’m so proud of her – she is going to be a great cook!


Monday we started working with a behaviorist with our Joy Joy!  Fun times.

For Family Home Evening, we went caroling and brought along peanut butter balls – they call them buckeyes up here (crazy people).  (Photo credit goes to Joy)


Another crazy thing about Jefferson County is you can apply to different schools – so you buy a house in a neighborhood and all the neighborhood kids go to different schools.  It’s crazy!  But it is what it is.  There is an elementary school that has a VI (vision impaired) unit.  Brother’s school took a tour today and I went along.  I’ve heard so much about this school.  And I liked what I saw – the students are in normal classrooms with their peers and the TVIs and O&M work directly with the teachers to make sure the child can participate – so work is brailled, instruction is more hands on, etc.  The VI kids are just part of the school community – not us and, oh yeah, the blind kids.  It was a very nice integration to further the education of the student.  I liked it.  But they don’t have any special ed classes there. 

I don’t know where Brother will be in two years.  Right now he’s not ready for a Kindergarten classroom with 20 kids in it.  So where is good for you Bro?  I don’t know yet.  But I know my heart hurts today because I wish you could.  I wish you could go to school, make friends, learn braille, and math, and science, and everything normal.  But you aren’t normal.  You are my Alex.  And oh, how I love you little man.  Your happy spinning and flapping.  Your laugh, oh your laugh!  Your courage.  Your faith.  You.  We’ll figure it out bro.  We always do.  In the meantime, I’m eating some of these leftover peanut butter balls. 

At school, he’ll eat (kinda) with utensils while at home, he’s never heard of such things! :)


Wednesday Lizzy had an Orchestra Concert. Just one more year then she can apply for YPAS – the performing arts high school here.  She wants to go so badly!


Thursday Sammi went back to the doctor.  Mental health is such an interesting thing.  Something that isn’t talked about much.  Her doctor and I talked fast and hard about how when the mind starts heading to dark and deadly territory it’s the same as when Bella’s oxygen saturation plummets – it’s the body’s way of telling us it needs help.  Get me help quick.  The doctor was able to help us get an appointment with another doctor for Monday – yeah!  Hoping this will help our girl.

Thursday was the Ward Christmas Party!  Only big people went from our family!


I love our therapists – they are such great people!  They help my kids learn essential skills but they are also a listening ear.  I seriously say anyone going into the “therapy” world must also be a counselor!  Bouncing ideas off of each other.  Talking about new diagnosis.  Thinking about implications.  They are my sounding board, and I’m so grateful!

Isn’t he cute?  He fell asleep at the end of ST/OT – where, I must brag, he SAID “ink” for drink, “u” for up, made up a sign for ball and signed help!!!!


Friday Bec saw her doctor.  This is her post to bring everyone up to date on her life.  Well, yes, it’s an aggressive subtype.  So they are going to go in and remove it with MOHs surgery, but unless it’s gone into the bone, she should avoid radiation.  Chances of her having more of these is very high, though.  So she will be seeing her dermatologist every six months.  Could be worse – grateful.

Jessi said to me today.  “I think the wedding has finally sink in.  In a week Becca won’t be a Turpin anymore.”  A week!!  Seven days!  Ahhh!   But yes, she will always be a Turpin – she may go by Ledford from the 18th on, but she will always be Rebecca Lynn Turpin!

Friday night Jessi and Sammi went to Eastern HS’s Madrigals.   They had a great time!  It was a musical theater with dessert.  Jessi would love to be part of Madrigals before she graduates – she loved it!  Sammi saw lots of people from Choir that she has missed and got lots of hugs.

So how is Mama doing with all of this going on?  Let’s just say, pizza has been in my house more than twice this week!  And poor Papa?  Poor guy has been sick, but we press on!


Beautiful sunset!  We have had the oddest weather – high 60s, even up to 70 one day.  Where is the snow?


Saturday  Sammi and I drove down to Lexington for their S&I Inservice.  I always enjoy those.  I liked the time with Sammi too!  It’s over 70 miles one way so it’s just us time!


Meanwhile at home, they were enjoying listening to major songs in minor keys – I think it sounds weird!

Lizzy had a Christmas party with some kids from church.

That afternoon Jessi and I took Joy and Bella to the Festival of Nativities.  Beautiful and wonderful.  I was so surprised how quietly Joy sat during the Live Nativity!  I love events that help us to focus on the real reason for the season!


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