Sunday, December 06, 2015

Re-capping the Week

I think there is a reason I’m tired:

Behavioral therapy

Talk therapy

Six sessions of Speech and Occupational Therapy

Checking in with Ortho

Wound Care (new doc to add to the list)

Getting our four year shots

Working outside of the home and working in the home

Two sessions of home bound school

Harp lessons

Viola lessons

Piano lessons

Brother getting sick

Running around town trying to find satin for Becca’s dress for alterations

Developing a plan to get Bec’s dress ready before the wedding

Stressing about the reception

Haircuts for everyone for the wedding

YW – buying gifts for a family

Bella getting to go back to school!

Having to drive Bella to and from school (only 30 minutes away!) b/c she can’t bend that knee.

Laser tag and go karts

Work Christmas party

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Love my family and love my life!


Laser Tag and Go Karts – the girls and Jason LOVED it!!


Been chilly – but it’s funny we have adapted.  In the 40s, no jacket, a sweater is fine.  Crazy!


Joy taking her babies for a sleigh ride


Cute loves


Back to school – she was so happy!! 


Wound care – it’s looking so much better!!


My Facebook post from Thursday:

I was amazed at the frost this morning. Every blade of grass carefully outlined, every leaf, every flower. So delicate. So beautiful. So intricate.
I was reminded that we are each individuals in our Father's eyes. He knows of our personal struggles and lives.
It's all so amazing to me.



Presents for Bella from Grannie Annie!


She is playing “Carol of the Bells” – it sounds so great!

Wishing Becca a happy birthday over texts and Facebook!


Silly girls

Sweet sleeping babies!                             


love the love  - this was during scripture study


Jason’s Work Party


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