Friday, November 20, 2015

Bella, Bella

Just something I have been thinking about lately…

I've been thinking about the beautiful fall foliage we have had this year. I get so excited about that first tree that changes - it's so beautiful. After a while, more and more trees join in, and there is a beautiful chorus of vibrant colors. But later, when most of the trees are lifting bare limbs up to the sky begging for snow to cover their nakedness, there are the last few trees that burst into glorious color. They seem to be the most beautiful of the year.

We all fall into different places on that bell curve, and we are all loved. Whether we are the first, in the middle, or near the end, there is beauty in all life. I do believe that Heavenly Father loves to watch all of us develop.


Bella was back at Dance this week – three weeks post op with a totally new knee – and she LOVED it!


And then Friday was a Dynavox evaluation.  Yes, she has an ipad with proloque that we bought her, but the teacher has found it difficult and time consuming to use, so it’s not being fully utilized.  Sad.  The dynavox is covered by insurance (yeah!) and is easier to program and comes with lesson plans.  Her OT and ST sat in on the eval.  I am grateful they were there, as this will effect all of our lives.  We have been approved for a 30 day trial – wahoo!  So we’ll go forward with this.  But as I sat there listening and watching all of the pre-programmed scheduling tools and positive behavior reinforcements and video modeling (yes, VIDEOS!) I wanted one for Joy too – not so much for language but for functioning through the day.  She was also approved for the trial, but we are going to do the trials one at a time for sanity’s sake.  Here’s hoping!


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