Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our Lives

The front door latch had started to stick, so Jason replaced the hardware.  The door now worked, but the bad thing was someone knew how to open these kinds of latches.  So now we have a deadbolt and a chain.  She’s still short enough that she can’t reach the chain.  That girl!

These girls think their Daddy’s motorcycle is pretty cool – no worries, they don’t get to ride.

2015-05-25 May 26th 0252015-05-14 may 26 005

Jessi’s Harp Recital

2015-05-14 may 26 007

Kammerer Orchestra Banquet – so grateful for the girl’s Orchestra Director!  Dr. D is amazing!

2015-05-15 may 26 0022015-05-15 may 26 0042015-05-15 may 26 0052015-05-15 may 26 0062015-05-15 may 26 007

Snow Cones after Joy and Bella’s T-ball game.  We love t-ball – so fun!

2015-05-16 may 26 0012015-05-16 may 26 003

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