Sunday, May 03, 2015

Becca’s Surgery

Wednesday Jason and I went and picked up a rental car.  I figured it was cheaper to drive out to Charlottesville (where Bec was having her surgery) than to fly.  It was crazy standing at the counter answering questions, signing forms.  I felt so young for some reason.  One of those moments when your brain doesn’t realize that you have been old enough to rent a car for two decades.  I stood there wondering if they were really going to let me take this car.  Weirdest moment!

And then I was gone – seven and a half hours later I turned the car in at the Charlottesville Airport.

But in between – Wow!  So absolutely beautiful!  Several times it literally took my breathe away.  And since I was the only person in the car, my pictures are not awesome, but a small sampling:

I listened to my music, loudly, and sang along as I ate peanut M&Ms – truly a remarkable day!

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Becca meet me at the airport where I returned the car and then we found our hotel.  We couldn’t decide on where to eat, so we did delivery which was good cause I was pretty tired!  Becca was happy with her GF Pizza as her last supper!

2015-04-29 May 4 0282015-04-29 May 4 029

We checked in and waited around forever as you do in a hospital.  She was so excited – surgery, finally!  Finally she would have relief from her pain!  She would be able to once again use her arm without horrible pain!  Yea!!

2015-04-30 May 4 0012015-04-30 May 4 002

Becca has/had Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome produced by compression of components of the brachial plexus nerves.  Basically the small muscles were wrapped around and squeezing the nerves to her arm. So the doctor took out the muscles and her first rib.

She was in so much pain – pain to the point that when she woke up in recovery she wouldn’t breathe.  Her first memory is three people standing around her telling her to breathe. 

Pain management is hard for this surgery.  Add in the fair skin and reddish hair and the deck was stacked against her.  I did not take any pictures of her when she was in serious pain, so here is a couple over the four days.

2015-04-30 May 4 0032015-04-30 May 4 0092015-05-01 May 4 0012015-05-01 May 4 0022015-05-01 May 4 0062015-05-02 May 4 002

2015-04-30 May 4 0042015-05-02 May 4 001

It was so different being in an adult hospital – I am so used to children’s hospitals!

She was definitely younger than most of the crowd there!

We had sweet nurses.  The medical students, resident, NP, and fellow were all good.  We received excellent care.  I am grateful for that!

2015-05-02 May 4 0042015-05-02 May 4 008

Since they usually just discharge you and hand you all of your scripts, I asked for those early so I could get them filled.  We had an eight hour drive home and I didn’t know where any  pharmacies where located in Charlottesville. Since the hospital is on the campus of UVA, they suggested that it would be easier to walk to the pharmacy.  I loved it! Charlottesville is a beautiful city and it was nice to be outside again after several days!

2015-05-02 May 4 0062015-05-02 May 4 0072015-05-02 May 4 009

Our good friend Amy moved from Houston to Virginia about the same time we moved to Kentucky.  She came and visited!  I loved catching up with her!

2015-05-01 May 4 0052015-05-01 May 4 003

Heading home – the brave smile!

2015-05-03 May 4 0012015-05-03 May 4 006

Eight hours through the beautiful landscape – I would exclaim at the beauty and Becca would grunt in pain – good times!

2015-05-03 May 4 0072015-05-03 May 4 0082015-05-03 May 4 0092015-05-03 May 4 010

So, all summed up: BIG pain, lots and lots.  She can feel her hand again, so it was successful, so wahoo!  Definitely an example of passing through sorrow to taste the sweet.

Love ya Becca Lynn.  You were brave and so strong!

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