Friday, August 15, 2014

The Turpin Refugee Camp

If you have to be homeless, try to arrange it so you stay at the Turpins!

Where you can play in the sprinklers…

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Read books (while cuddling sleeping babies), eat ice cream, and play in the ditch

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Can banana peppers straight from the garden and hang out on the porch

2014-08-13 2014-09-07 002 0022014-08-13 2014-09-07 002 003

And get a pedicure (with fancy flowers!)

2014-08-14 2014-09-07 002 0022014-08-14 2014-09-07 002 0042014-08-14 2014-09-07 002 0052014-08-14 2014-09-07 002 007

Play with the dogs

2014-08-15 2014-09-07 002 0022014-08-15 2014-09-07 002 003

Go to the movie (where our car battery died and a sweet guy from the Turpin’s ward had to come rescue us!)

2014-08-15 2014-09-07 002 0042014-08-15 2014-09-07 002 005

Just crazy pictures – Becca took this and then made it my background picture on my phone, so she could tell me she was trapped in my phone!  That sign says “shoulder drop off’  Becca wanted to know if she could drop off her shoulders and come back and pick them up once they were all better!

2014-08-13 2014-09-07 002 0042014-08-13 2014-09-07 002 001

Jason was working in Kentucky.  My parents used their points and got him into a nicer place for the week.  And then miracle of miracles, everything fell into place with the sell of our home in Texas!  Our real estate agent Mariangel Wilkinson really worked some magic and it was sold!  My sister Kathie, acting as our power of attorney, signed all of the papers.  And it was finished!  So grateful! 

So grateful to the Turpins for letting us stay with them.  It was supposed to be one day and morphed into three weeks.  Ugh!  But so very very grateful to them for giving us a place to live and rest during that crazy time!

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