Sunday, August 24, 2014

Southern Virginia University

Friday after Jason got home, Becca and I packed up and headed to Virginia.  We drove to West Virginia and spent the night.  Up before the sun, we drove the rest of the way to SVU.  On the way we got a phone call from my brother, Bob. Bob and Becca wrote an article for The New Era last year and they published it in the September edition!  It’s entitled The College Decision.  So very proud of them!
college decision

I have to share an experience from the drive up there.  It was raining.  It was dark.  There were big trucks everywhere! And since Becca was driving her car up to school, we were in separate cars.   We came upon a patch of road construction which reduced us down to one lane, with orange cones on the right and nothing visible on the left. By this time, I was so tired.  I could barely see the road with all of the rain and no street lights.  I felt like the trucks were pushing us. There was no way to pull off the road and let everyone pass or to let the storm pass. The panic started to rise in my chest.  I was starting to really freak out.  So I prayed. And an answer came.  "Talk to yourself like you would to Sammi" (understood part "when she is having a freak out.") So I did.  I told myself over and over again that the yellow line was on the left and the cones were on the right.  I told myself to forget about the people behind me and just concentrate on  driving. I repeated myself over and over again. I realized later that I had gone so far into the Mother-talking-mode that I had even congratulated myself.  Good job.  You are doing fine.  The panic melted away and I made it through. It had been so very scary in the dark, rainy night, but with heaven's guidance I made it through.  I am so grateful!

We arrived at SVU and drove around a bit.  We walked around campus and picked up her books, went to the grocery store, and got her moved into her dorm.  We walked out where her classes would be. 
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I’m really hoping she loves it out there! Here’s to a great year Becca Lynn!!  I hope you love your roommates, your ward, your classes, and your teachers.  I hope you learn and grow this semester.  I hope you makes memories and friends that will last a lifetime!
At four o’clock I got back into the car and drove home.  I pulled into the drive way at ten that night.  Not too bad.  And no, I won’t tell you how fast I was driving!  I do love that if she needs to get home or I need to get to her, it’s six hours.  That’s good.

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