Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Week

For our game in Family Home Evening, we played Ring A Round the Rosie.  The little girls LOVED it!!

IMG_5652 IMG_5654

Playing with pretend fruit and a pan, great times!   Playing in a box!

IMG_5659 IMG_5661

Building a rocket ship from a box.  You are a great sister Jessi!  

Becca’s two summer classes have started.  She is taking psychology and philosophy this term.

IMG_5662 IMG_5664

Jason and I found this licorice that is over a foot and a half long – it was a big hit!!

Brother loves his bath.  Loves it!  He loves to feel the water.  Love him so!

IMG_5666 IMG_5668

The cutest little boy in the world has started cruising furniture!

IMG_5670  IMG_5673

Working in PT, Blowing bubbles, and working on letters

IMG_5676 IMG_5677 IMG_5678

Homemade pizza night – yum!

 IMG_5682 IMG_5680

PJ movie night with Young Women

1070063_10201236800858519_215500079_n (1)

Joy took these pictures, we took this one of Joy…hmm, she is a lot better than we are at this!

IMG_5686 IMG_5687 IMG_5689

Our one and only tomato from our garden.  All of those beautiful tomato plants were the generous dinner for our neighborhood squirrels.  So sad! 


Thursday Bella, Jessi, and I spent the day at Cardiology.

 008 009 013

Friday Brother, Becca, Bella, and I spent the day at the SSA.  I finally took the time to go and wait for hours to get their names changed on their SSN cards.  After that we headed to the ER for Bella’s infected g-button.  Fun times!   (love Brother “reading” the sign in instructions in Braille at the SSA!)

014  017

Saturday fun – Becca went shopping with a friend.  She has missed being around people her own age!

The girls hung out with friends too.  We tried to go swimming, but a freak Texas storm stopped that, so instead they made cookies and sang to Disney songs.

IMG_5692 018 024

IMG_5693 IMG_5694

Jason built Brother a new walker, basically a pre-cane.  He loves it and walks all over with it!!  We have to work on what to do when he runs into something.  Right now he just gets frustrated!  :)  We are so proud of him!


Then this one.  Jason found him in bed laughing.  The angels must have been telling some great jokes!!

Becca is progressing in Pointe!

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