Sunday, July 07, 2013

Our Week

Brother went to Nursery for the first time!  Either I or Becca will go with him.  Impressions?  Beats going home, I guess.  He got nothing out of it, but he’s 19 months old.  He did think the rocking horse was pretty cool!  The other kids couldn’t figure him out, but I imagine they’ll get used to him.

Jason made a turkey and all of the sides.  We had the Sutherlands over.   That was a nice visit (forgot to take a picture, silly me!)

July 5 001IMG_5526 IMG_5532

PT – working on the stairs, Becca was Brother’s reward

   IMG_5535 IMG_5533

Cousins came over to play

IMG_5536  IMG_5543

Becca and I have started working on a quilt of all of her old school/youth conference/EFY shirts.  Quite the memory quilt!


Becca started her Ballet and Pointe classes.  The little girls found ways to stay active and happy.

IMG_5546  IMG_5549IMG_5547

These three went swimming with the Heckers – why they didn’t take a picture together is beyond me.

IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5554

Bella had surgery on her knee, so lots of laying around for the rest of the week!


The girls had a sleep over in the living room and had friends over to play a life size game on the driveway.  Fun!

IMG_5557 IMG_5559 IMG_5560 

Jes and Liz decided it wasn’t too hot for a bike ride!  Liz and I made cake pops at Activity Days.

July 5 002 July 5 007

We celebrated the 4th up at my Mom’s.

Joy’s entertainment – posing with mannequins at Old Navy, Starfall, and movies with ice cream.

July 5 009 IMG_5561 IMG_5562

More games with friends    and the ball rolling game for Joy and Alex


IMG_5637 IMG_5638

The family plus Katie and Caleb went to see Despicable Me 2.  Bella, Alex, and I stayed home and they forgot to get the picture there, so I made them pose in front of the door :)  They loved the minions!           Sammi got new glasses!  I love that we can see her eyes more!

 IMG_5641 IMG_5642

Saturday Jessi and I got to go to the temple.  Love that place!         Driving around with Brother – he started babbling.  That’s not something he normally does.  He has such a cute little voice!

July 7 001

July 7 002 July 7 003

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