Sunday, July 22, 2012

Turpin Family Reunion

Getting ready for the reunion.  Don’t you love the t-shirts?  It has a family tree on the back with all of us on it.

july 22 145july 22 147

and we were off..

july 22 150july 22 151

The two that started everything 44 years ago…

july 22 152

The group picture

july 22 158july 22 160


Grandma loved this picture – Bella doesn’t usually let Grandma hold her.  So this was special to Grandma.






The Grandkid Picture (can you tell Joy was DONE?)

july 22 164

The Turpin Men

july 22 167

Our Family

july 22 174

Grandma, Grandpa, Kids and Siblings

july 22 179

The Nuclear Family

july 22 182

After pictures, the party begins:

Lizzy and Uncle Rich playing M&M toss       Joy watching all of this

july 22 185july 22 187

july 22 190Bella signing “Grandpa.”  She did so well.  Jason and I had talked and talked about this gathering.  Normally we don’t take her to things like this, but she did great!  She was so excited to be there.  She knew it was something special and important.  I’m glad she came.  She stayed through pictures and lunch.  Then I took her home.  I was grateful we had a nurse that day so I was able to come back.



Alex’s shirt swallowed him!  :)  His pants were too big too – our little gangsta

july 22 195july 22 198

Lunch time!  Not included in this picture is all of the desserts.  Marissa made these fabulous gluten free treats – we have got to get the recipe!

july 22 201july 22 202

Becca and Alex                              Bella climbing over Alex to give him his binkyjuly 22 203july 22 204

The Ninja Game

july 22 205july 22 206july 22 208

The “May I?” Tournament

The Junior Competition                           The Adult Competition

july 22 212july 22 213

Becca cuddling Alex during “May I?”; Joy coloring, Jason and Sammi both won a “Guess How Many Pieces of Candy are in this Container”, sleeping Alex, Joy with one of Jason’s candiesjuly 22 214july 22 215july 22 216july 22 217july 22 218july 22 219

Jay and Marissa brought their speaker and mic, so there was some karaoke.  It got kinda loud with my Joy – but she loved it!

july 22 222july 22 223july 22 225


They also had a balloon toss, but by then I had to take the little ones home.  Jessi and Lizzy got to stay and Grandma and Grandpa brought them home.

We had a wonderful time!  It was a great reunion!

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