Tuesday, March 20, 2012

California (Part Two)

DSC00257 - CopyThere were two more tests that they wanted him to have before they discharged him – another eye exam (he had ROP) and a high altitude flight test.  Let’s just say miracles happened and both got done.  He passed his eye exam (wahoo!) and failed his high altitude flight test (total bummer)!  Turns out that just means he needs a little oxygen on board and he’d be fine. (Not what I thought and not worth the silent panic attack I was having!)  Sigh of gratitude!  The discharge planner helped me get all set up with a portable oxygen concentrator for the flight.

And then it was time to leave the hospital.  So very, very exciting!!  Many expressions of gratitude were expressed.  The hospital social worker, Ruth, gave us this cute blanket because it had airplanes on it.  She thought it would be fitting.  So very kind!

DSC00258 - CopyDSC00259 - Copy

Getting into the car for the first time ever! 

DSC00260 - Copy

The girls FINALLY got to meet him.  Touch him.  Hold him.

DSC00264 - CopyDSC00265 - CopyDSC00268 - Copy

My mountain of paperwork on my desk in the hotel.

DSC00271 - Copy

And then we just hung out….

DSC00272 - CopyDSC00273 - CopyDSC00274 - CopyDSC00275 - CopyDSC00276 - CopyDSC00283 - Copy

DSC00280 - CopyDSC00281 - Copy

We celebrated with PF Chang’s.  Yes, they do have a GF menu.

DSC00282 - Copy

On Saturday we moved to a new hotel, closer to the airport.  There was a park next door.  Lizzy wanted SO badly to play.  Becca watched Alex and I took Liz.  The moment we got on the swings, back came the rain.  Poor kid!

DSC00287DSC00285 - Copy

Sunday we dropped Becca off at the airport to head back to Houston.  Good-bye sweet girl!DSC00290

We went to church in Saratoga and took a walk outside.  Poor Lizzy had been cooped up for so long!


Monday Lizzy, Alex, and I took a walk.  We had to drive back up to Oakland to pick up the oxygen concentrator.  And we prepared to return home.


Tuesday morning we were up at 1:45 AM to make it for our flight.  We had to return the car, catch the shuttle, get everything checked in, get the oxygen concentrator through the security, and set up and ready to use for the flight.  I was pretty stressed, but everything went right according to plan.  Alex was an angel!  His concentrator was easy to use.  He slept through take off and landing.  And as a very sweet tender mercy, on the whole packed airplane, there was one empty seat – the one next to me.  I was able to spread out his stuff and even lay him down for some of the flight – so grateful!


We got home and loved on everyone.  One hour later we were in the pediatrician’s office.  He has a bunch of referrals, but she thinks he looks good – and he’s super cute!DSC00320

I am so grateful we are home with our new son!  Overall, it was a very smooth trip.  I am grateful.

Welcome home Alexander Joseph Turpin!!

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