Thursday, March 15, 2012

California (Part One)

Before when we have adopted, Jason and I have gone off to California together.  But now we have Bella and that wasn’t possible.  Someone had to stay in town in case Bella got sick or a nurse called out or something.  There is no one beyond the two of us that can take care of Bella.  So this time I took Becca and Lizzy.  I am braver when I have my children with me.  This was Lizzy’s first airplane flight – she was so excited!


Becca was excited at all of the restaurants that had GF (gluten free) menus.  She did the restaurant planning for us during our stay.  She had a blast!  She could eat again!  The poor girls were shut up in the hotel room for two days with very little to do – and the weather outside? COLD and raining every day except the last one!


After we landed, got our car, and checked into the hotel, I had a few wrinkles to iron out with the agency (major stress!), but I got to meet this sweet baby.  Oh, he is so cute!  I couldn’t take any pictures yet, but I got to learn all about his medical background and hold him.  Then drive back to the hotel.  As it worked out, due to a miscommunication, we were staying an hour away from the hospital – across the bay.  It’s a good thing I’m a big city girl and freeways don’t scare me.  I must have been a sight, though, with my map folded over the steering wheel and my google directions held firmly in my hand.  (and…California is crazy!  No phones while driving.)

Wednesday, bright and early (because A) I’m not sleeping and B) we are still on Central Time) the girls and I headed for Target.  We had so much to buy!  Loved this onesie – had to get it!DSC00226

Then I headed for the hospital – what a day!  A day of a very choice spiritual experience which confirmed to me that this sweet boy was being guided right into our home by heaven itself.  It was a tender afternoon.  It was the day that Alex’s parents terminated their parental rights and I agreed to be his mother.  I got to meet his parents and talk with them.  I am so grateful they agreed to allow the social worker to take a picture of the four of us – his biological parents, me, and him.  I know it is a picture that we will always count as a treasure.  I felt so honored to be chosen to be his mother.


His car seat test – something every NICU graduate must pass.  The hotel staff was so kind - they gave us this little gift.  Very sweet.  We celebrated our new brother with In N Out Burger that night (lettuce wrapped for Bec).


Thursday the girls decided that instead of sitting around in the hotel, they would much rather sit around in the hospital waiting room.  They weren’t old enough to go into the NICU.  That morning we drove up to the Oakland California Temple Visitor’s Center.  It was so foggy, the girls didn’t even know the temple was in the lot!  They couldn’t see it!  Two very sweet sister missionaries gave us a tour of the building.  We listened to a message about Jesus Christ, watched a film on families and watched two short Mormon messages on adoption.  They were super excited for us. 


After that the girls sat around and waited while I loved on Alex for a few hours and signed some more papers for the adoption.

That evening I would have gladly fell into bed, but instead I looked at these two girls who had been sitting around doing nothing for three days and decided we would drive to San Francisco for some fun.

DSC00255I went the only place I know of in San Francisco, Pier 39.   We were total tourists and the girls loved it!  Had I not been sick with worry and stressed about everything and had time to plan, we would have figured out where The Princess Diary was filmed, but alas, we settled for Pier 39 instead.

It is Spring there – beautiful tulips!  We saw the sea loins.  Lizzy thought those were great.  They were putting on quite the show!


I was looking for this candy store.  It was here when I came through San Francisco with my Grandmother when I was 13 years old (a long time ago)!  Fun to share that with my girls.


Fun things we saw that reminded us of Sammi and her creativity!


Jason was so jealous – he is the sour dough lover!  I couldn’t eat more than a bite (nervous tummy) and Becca couldn’t eat even a bite (definitely not GF!), but Lizzy loved it!  Becca loved the chili though!  We got shirts for everyone for souvenirs.  We even saw Alcatraz (from a distance)! 


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