Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Week

A Monday around here – Bella playing, Lizzy getting ready for her Valentine’s Party, Jessi practicing, Sammi reading, and Becca hanging out with her friend (They are preparing Valentine treats for all of their little 5th Graders)


Valentine’s Day – Joy’s loot! 


The Valentine’s gifts from my sweet Jason


Our Steak and pink mashed potatoes with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert, unless you eat gluten free, then you get vanilla ice cream on a gluten free cone!


Jessi’ s First Day of Homeschooling !  “Yea,” says the Mama who loves having her home!  This is their response to “America.”                                    Care free Lizzy!


Wednesday and drawing lessons with Miss Chloe


Lizzy’s First Day of homeschooling (Yea!  She wanted to attend her school Valentine’s party before she started homeschooling)  Their nature journals – wish I had gotten a better picture!  Jessi and Lizzy’s rendition of the “Three Billy Goats Gruff”


Becca’s Concert – she did really well

feb 19 197feb 19 296

Thursday Lizzy actually got to hold Heart – they are trying to get used to each other!                                                               Jessi telling us more fairy tales

feb 19 199feb 19 201

Art Club where they painted rocks

feb 19 210

Friday  - we were amazed at how much these two favor each other.  Cute, messy Joy.

feb 19 204feb 19 206

We are reviewing England, so we had Fish and Chips for lunch!feb 19 209

Daddy and Sammi whipped up some chocolate covered strawberries!  Becca was delighted to find gluten free bread at Kroger!

feb 19 211feb 19 243

Out on a family walk – so fun!  And look who got to come along!!!

feb 19 254feb 19 250feb 19 251feb 19 262feb 19 264

Becca got the letters affixed to her Latin quilt  - she is hoping to place in Latin State competition with this quilt.  Letterman jacket, here we come!

feb 19 266feb 19 268

Playing pioneer with a little bee

feb 19 270feb 19 269

Cute kids

feb 19 290feb 19 291

Lizzy had her friend birthday party on Saturday.

feb 19 307

Meanwhile Becca spent the day at the high school.  When she wasn’t playing her solo or her ensemble, she was helping out.  She loves Orchestra!



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Debra Ball said...

Homeschooling - when did that start? Good luck with your crazy schedule!