Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Week

Jason has been so faithful about working out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  He has more energy and feels better – which is great!  And look….he can close his suit coat!  He is so pleased with the results of his workouts!

Sammi and Jason loved the wings they made for the Super Bowl!  One reason I love Jason – helping his baby go to sleep on Sunday night, so sweet.


The girls love playing together outside!  I had to take this picture of Sammi.  I am so grateful that she is so diligent about doing her school work every day.


Music therapy and being re-introduced to Violet.  We bought her for Bella two years ago.  She has set on the shelf all this time, but now Bella LOVES her!  Joy playing with play doh in therapy.



Sammi’s Valentine Art for her Valentine party – everyone hand and home made.


We worked in our garden for Family Home Evening!  Finding the worms was an exciting treat!


Listening to her heart!  Hey sister!  Jessi’s Activity Day leader made her this gingerbread house.



Joy adores that cat!  And she wrote her name at school!


Bella working in therapy, such a happy girl!


Sammi helped Jessi make a diorama for Where the Red Fern Grows.


Chiropractor time,  Sammi before and after the party


New Beginnings


Thursday I was sick, so sick.  Curl up into a ball and wish you were dead sick.  I wasn’t two feet from the bathroom all day (and night).  When I wasn’t wishing for death, I was listening to my house.  The girls got themselves up and ready for school with no help from the dying mass in bed (me).  I listened to Sammi take care of Joy all day.  “That’s enough TV now Joy, let’s do a craft project.”  I listened to her help her little sister all day.  I listened as they made cookies.  As I laid there dying, I was so grateful for my girls.

Friday morning Becca headed out to San Antonio for the Texas Music Educator’s Convention.  She got home at midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  There was a little bit of drama out there with some students being sent home early.    I think Becca learned a lot this weekend – and not all of it about music!


Friday I went and had lunch with Lizzy at school for her birthday.  Saturday our Lizzy girl turned 9 years old!  Her big present was a Bearded Dragon!  The whole family loves it!

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