Sunday, November 06, 2011

Our Week

IMG_5432This week we tried (and enjoyed) “Green Smoothies.”   I have been reading about them everywhere and with all the candy consumption going on, thought we might try.  Adding spinach to fruit is fine.  But we didn’t like adding carrot – made it too pulpy, maybe it’s my blender.  Otherwise, yummy!IMG_5436


A view of our garage.  See that big, very tall, very dead pine tree back there?  Alas, it did not survive our drought.  So all week a team worked on cutting down and removing that very tall tree from our yard.  I was sad to lose another tree.  I’m really hoping the drought will lift and we won’t lose anymore.



That picture is for my Dad!  Go Longhorns!


Playing around with magnets and hats.  Becca’s private viola tutor is also Jessi’s 5th Grade Strings Director.  Becca found out that the Director was ill, so she came up with a plan.  She made her a pink card with a lovely poem inside.  Then Jessi took it to school and had all the 5th Graders sign it.  It was really sweet.


Wednesday was Jessi's 11th birthday.  Grandma stopped by the next day to drop off her gift for Jes.  Happy birthday Jessi!


Kisses for Daddy and Graduation from ECI (sniff!)IMG_5522IMG_5533

Lizzy’s Art work – from “A Starry Night”  And least we forget the most important part of the week to Joy (and Becca) PIZZA!


Sammi’s Art Club – salt painting and decoupage


Saturday – soccer game and playing outside


Can you believe the tomatoes are still growing?                 Swinging!IMG_5566IMG_5577

Jessi’s Party – jumping, playing games


our beautiful photographer, balloons


crafts and cake decorating


blowing out candles and presents – she had a great time!


Our family dancing after the party.  It was a lot of fun!IMG_5679IMG_5682IMG_5686

I just love this picture!  Faith in God – together!

Sunday was Bella’s third birthday!  I am not ashamed to admit how grateful I am for each birthday.  I didn’t think we’d see this day.  Now I hope she will live much, much longer!!   Happy birthday to my big girl!


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