Friday, November 18, 2011

Most of Our Week

Bella’s first day of school!  She worked so hard!  I was so proud of her!  But she was sure tired afterwards.


We rallied in the afternoon and went outside to swing for a moment.  So fun!IMG_5765IMG_5767

Sisters  - braiding                Joy got into Sammi’s old softball stuff and walked around trying to scare everyone  - that is her “scary” face                                


Sammi’s Fort Creation                               And Jessi spent her bday moneyIMG_5769IMG_5771

We grooved and grooved this week!


Lots of therapies


Loving and snuggling


Sammi’s Drawing lesson                             Becca and her friend got feathers


Bella got Signing Time videos from Grandma Ball for her birthday!IMG_5793IMG_5798

More dancing!


Check out Bella in this video – she wants to be down there dancing right along with the girls.  Smile  (Yes, Jessi is eating a pickle).  (And yes, Bella stops when I get close to her – ornery girl!)

I want to play too!



For Mutual the kids went on a Scavenger Hunt for canned food items for the local food pantry.  They turned it into a competition and had a lot of fun.  Sammi’s team came in second!

Nov 18 008Nov 18 012

Thursday was a busy day for Jessi.  First we had to squeeze a broken bracket being fixed into the day.  But the good part about that was lunch out with Mama!  After school she had Fifth Grade Strings and then Activity Days.  The Activity Day Girls performed some hulas for a Senior Citizen’s home.

Nov 18 013Nov 18 015

Sammi’s Home school group had a big Thanksgiving Feast:

Nov 18 005imageimage

We are headed out to Galveston for the weekend!  So excited!

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