Sunday, December 05, 2010

Our Week

Sammi’s big day at church – graduated from Primary and welcomed into Young Women! She made these tiny cakes.

December 5 076December 5 082December 5 187

Monday Sammi went to Valley Ranch and Grill and redeemed her gift certificate. She loved that her Daddy and her Grandparents were able to join her.

Jason took Monday and Tuesday off so he could spend more time with his parents. Jason and his Dad got the rest of the drilling done and the electrical work finished. Then they built the structure for the electrical components. All that is left now is to do the miter cuts and stain all the wood. We are really liking having it up and almost finished. It really opens up the living room. December 5 080December 5 081December 5 093December 5 094

It’s Christmas at my house! I love that these get played with!

December 5 096December 5 097

Becca had to bring a treat to YW and we settled on Peanut Butter Balls. It was fun to tell her about how these came into our family. But my favorite part was watching Becca make them – she wore gloves! LOL

Sammi’s first mutual activity was on Wednesday. How does time fly so quickly?

December 5 095December 5 206December 5 098

Our nurse had to leave early for a family emergency. So I was taking care of all three of these little ladies. And it hit me that not one of these girls grew in my tummy – and yet I love them so dearly. Isn’t love a grand thing?December 5 112

Jessi’s Girl Scout Troop’s visit to NAM made it to the newspaper! Joy made sure that Marlissa got to participate in everything she did – very sweet.December 5 092December 5 122

Thursday – last soccer practice (yeah! Liz loved it. We are glad to have Thursday nights settle down a little)

December 5 113December 5 114

Lizzy got her Fitness Club shirt – so proud! Becca’s friend gave her a balloon at school for her birthday. I understand her Latin class sang to her “Happy Birthday” in Latin.

December 5 115December 5 123December 5 128

The Last Soccer Game! Grandma and Grandpa Turpin got to come. The Dragons (unofficially) won their last game 1-0 and Lizzy got to be Team Captain.December 5 153December 5 168December 5 173December 5 178

Handing out the trophies. I overheard Lizzy tell her Daddy, “Thanks for coaching Daddy!” Overall soccer was a wonderful experience.

December 5 182December 5 183

We made a trip to the Pet Store in the Mall. Sammi had to do some research for a paper she is doing on cats. Very fun.

December 5 198December 5 199December 5 200December 5 203December 5 205

My sloths

December 5 208December 5 209

December 5 211Baskin Robbins – Sammi, Jessi, and Lizzy got gift certificates from their piano teacher, Sister McIntosh. Becca had a free cone for her birthday and Joy had a buy one, get one free for her half birthday. Throw in a friend and the whole adventure cost $2. Very yummy!

December 5 212December 5 214

Becca’s birthday this year was on Fast Sunday – bummer! So it was celebrated on Saturday. It’s also the busiest time of the year! She had the Annual Planning Meeting for YW/YM to go to at 9am. Her Mia Maid counselor got everyone to meet at her house before hand and they surprised her with a birthday breakfast! That’s why I have this crazy, “Mom, stop taking my picture!” picture. I knew that they were about to surprise her, but she didn’t! Smile After the planning meeting, she went with us to the soccer game. Then Megan, Becca, and I went shopping! We had lunch at Jason’s Deli. We went to Charming Charlie’s, World Market, and Bath and Body Works. At four o’clock we meet with some friends from school and headed to China Town for dinner. We had fun watching these kids try these foods they had never eaten before. There was a lot of laughing! Afterwards we went to the Asian grocery store and looked at the soft shelled turtles and frogs. We looked through the candy aisle and they selected three different treats to try. We came home and taught them the game of “May I?” Becca lost. It was a full, fun day!

December 5 218December 5 219December 5 220December 5 225December 5 228December 5 233December 5 186December 5 185

Happy 15th birthday Becca!! We are so proud of you. We love you!!! We love the woman that you are becoming!

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