Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reclaiming our lives..

The first part of our week was spent separated.  Bella and I were downtown at TCH.  I asked my Mom to take Sammi, Jessi, and Lizzy for a couple of days to give Becca a break.  It sounds like they had a wonderful time.  Thank you Mama.  She says she has some pictures – hopefully she’ll post them on her blog so we can enjoy them.  Becca kept the fort running here.  Joy still got all of her therapies and got to stay in her normal environment, well, normal except that it was a lot more quiet!  :)  On Wednesday Becca made me cookies.  That was our home coming day.  She made giant cookies!  They were yummy!  Thank you Becca for everything!IMG_6397 IMG_6403 IMG_6415 IMG_6416

IMG_6420Becca is participating in our ward’s Summer Challenge for the Youth.  One component is to read the Book of Mormon in two months.  My girl who hates to read is doing it.  I am very proud of her.  Reading is not her thing.



IMG_6426Life in Bella’s room is getting back to normal.  Bella is feeling better (YEAH!). 

Lizzy loves, loves, loves to play with nurse Earsel.  They do all of the clapping games that I remember from the play ground.  They are fast!


IMG_6424IMG_6427 IMG_6429

Before Bella got sick a month ago, we were reading the New Testament using the harmonic approach.  It’s fun.  If you open to the Bible Dictionary, there is a chart of the Harmony of the Gospels.  We read a section a day and read how the different Gospels recorded it.  In this picture (left) the girls are working on the timeline we are making of Jesus' life.  Becca feels too old to color, so she does the writing. :)

I love my family!  I am grateful for them and all they do for each other and me.  And in case you were wondering, date night on Friday was lovely. 

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Blarney Girl said...

Tell Becca you're never too old to color!! :D