Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Week

Sunday night Daddy did fireworks.IMG_6314 IMG_6326 IMG_6332

The rest of our week was dominated by Texas Children’s Hospital:July 10 002July 10 015 

Otherwise there were chocolate dipped strawberries:  IMG_6380 IMG_6381

And Becca taught the girls games from EFY:July 11 006

I am so grateful for my girls.  They took care of each other while Bella and I stayed downtown.  Friday night Jason and I switched places.  I was determined to make Saturday a good day for them.  We started with Strawberry Sandwiches (pancakes with strawberries), then had lunch at Sonic.  We went to the farm (thanks Mama and Daddy!) then went to the movies.  Finally we ended up with some clothes shopping.  A fun day.  I love you girls!

IMG_6391 july 11 001 july 11 003 july 11 004

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