Monday, April 05, 2010

Real Life 101

When your nurse calls out and you have two kids with doctor’s appointments, what do you do?  You go.April 5 078

Lizzy had a fever of 103.8, so we had to go.  Her throat is hurting and her head is killing.  She does not have strep.  She has something viral – yeah – can’t wait for that to pass around the house :).  I spare you the picture of Lizzy – she looks so pathetic.  With a fever that high, she does not feel well.  She is glad that she gets to eat all the popsicles she wants and drink all the juice she wants.  Poor baby!


Becca has been complaining of bone pain in her left leg for quite some time.  So today we went and got an x-ray and she finally got some cream for her eczema.

April 5 073 April 5 072April 5 061

She wouldn’t look at me – but she is making the “oohhhhh, that feels so much better” face.  :)

We got all kinds of looks with Bella in tow, but she did fantastic.  We had to give her some xopenex and do some suctioning, but I thought that things went rather well.  I have to be careful with her, but she seemed to enjoy getting out.

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