Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Week

We saw seven doctors this week.  That was busy!  We are also enjoying passing around a fun virus.  Of course, the girls found time to play.

April 5 002 April 8th 001

Our Cub Scouts called and asked if they could come and planted some flowers and learn about Bella.  Of course!  We did some yard work and then had a quick anatomy lesson before meeting Miss Bell – fun!

 April 8th 002 April 8th 003 April 8th 004 April 8th 010

After 18 months of neglect, Bevo NEEDED to be groomed.  They looked at him and shaved him.  We think he’s embarrassed – poor old dog.  Our nurses have asked us if we got a new dog and where was Bevo?  Pretty funny – no worries, Bevo, it’ll grow back!

April 8th 011 April 8th 015

Sometimes I wonder if the girls are getting enough attention.  It is often a subject in my prayers.  But I do find evidence that there is lots of love here.April 9 001 April 9 009April 11 012

Becca had a campout on Friday.  They spent the night and then hiked for 8 miles Saturday morning – and they only got a little rain :)

 April 11 001 April 11 006

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