Saturday, August 08, 2009

Another Saturday, Another Post

The week in review.  Busy Bella week – two trips down town and that’s with 2 appointments cancelled.  Joy had therapy.  Everyone is registered for school.  The girls have new school clothes, back packs, and shoes.  They are ready - nervous, but excited!  Becca spent the week in Iowa being pampered by her adoring Grandparents.  She got home this morning, just in time to start Band practice on Monday.  Sammi had a writing class for her school.  She says she learned a lot, but had fun.  Everyone has now had their annual physicals – well, the kids anyway.  And Kris and I may have figured out a helper for me when I have to take Bella to the hospital periodically.  Productive week!

Joy loves Kris – but when she has ice cream…..she adores Kris!aug 8 001 aug 8 002

Back from Iowa!  Yeah!  Seriously, though, she’s growing up way too fast!  Welcome home Bec!

 aug 8 004 aug 8 005

Clothes from Grandma and Becca

  aug 8 009 aug 8 010 aug 8 011

Holding Bella

aug 8 012 aug 8 015 aug 8 019

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