Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sweet Jessi

Sunday Joy turned 21 months old - very exciting! It's funny how we count months until the child turns 2, then we just stick with years. The kids wanted to know how many months old they were, so we counted. On March 2nd, 2009, Jessi turned 100 months old! That is a cool month birth mark, so I had Sammi take pictures.

002 003

Yesterday, while Arabella was having open heart surgery, Jessi fell and hurt her ankle. I got home around 1 AM to that exciting news - it's swollen and very yucky. So this morning before running back to the ICU, Jessi and I went to visit her doctor. It's either a torn ligament or a broken bone. Sigh. I have a prescription to go and get her an x-ray. So long as she stays off it, she isn't in much pain. Motrin every 6 hours, ice, and rest. poor sweet girl!


Caleb T Ricks said...

Poor Jessi! I really hope that it is a bone - they heal faster and really much better - no PT!

asiaelizabeth said...

Oh, Jess I'm so sorry!