Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Favorite Green

Today it worked out that I stayed home till noon before going to the hospital to check on Arabella.  We decided to walk over to our neighborhood park for a while. 

Did you know it’s Spring?  I hadn’t noticed – my scenery the past month has been concrete, car bumpers, and medical stuff.  When Bella went into the hospital, the trees were still bare.  Now they are beautiful!  They are covered with the first tender leaves of spring.  That is my favorite shade of green – new spring leaf green.   The azaleas are beautiful right now!  Beautiful shades of pinks, white, and purples.  I love spring.  I can’t breathe from the pine pollen, but it is beautiful right now!  Very good for the soul!

Everyone’s yard looks great – except ours.  I hate to admit we haven’t had a Saturday to work on our yard since before we went to California to get Bella.  My roses look good though.  :) 

Welcome Spring!

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OPA said...


When I read this tonight, I had tears in my eyes. What you said made me realize that after a year, I still miss Houston. I am sitting here 40 miles south of Nauvoo on March 11th and it is 23 degrees and will get down to 16 tonight. There is also a very cold North wind, so the wind chill is almost 0. We have no snow on the ground, but it is still definitly winter. It will be May before we get to where you are. We are praying hard for Arabella, you, Jason, all the girls, and Marissa.

We love an miss all ya'll.