Friday, September 19, 2008

We are very blessed

Things in Houston are crazy, but we feel exceedingly blessed.
The weather has been ideal. Little humidity and cool - perfect for no electricity and totally NOT Houston weather. We count it as a tender mercy.
People have been so kind to us. People's power are coming on in stages. We still have no power, but some around us do. We have been given food, ice, drinks, snacks, and dinner. People have come and taken our dirty laundry and returned it clean and folded. We are so grateful!
It has been humbling to receive the basic necessities from people, but my heart has been so grateful. THANK YOU!

Our school district has been closed for six days now. They aren't saying when they will be opening up again. They have to get power back. We'll see.
Church was cancelled last Sunday and we'll only be having Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. There have been many work projects. Those will continue far into the future, I am sure.

We feel blessed. How did we fare? We lost our back fence and had some seepage into the house.
We have filled 45 lawn bags with debris and tree limbs and I still have piles all over my yard.
Yard bags are a rare commodity these days. We are grateful gas and groceries are coming back into Houston. We have gotten gasoline for our cars while being watched by three police men. We have seen grocery stores guarded and limiting the number of people allowed into the building. It's been crazy, but we have survived. :)

People keep asking how the kids are doing. Fine. They think it's summer vacation again. They are playing on the boardwalk (our name for the fallen fence),

playing on the trampoline (they held gymnastic/tumbling classes),

creating their own TV shows (too funny),
(This is the Sammi Show)
( This is Counting with Becca)
(This is Gym with Joy - quite hard actually!)

re-doing bedrooms (in preparation for Jeffrey's home coming).

We feel blessed. Thank you everyone!

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