Saturday, September 06, 2008

Saturday Afternoon at the Farm

Saturday after the YW volleyball games and having my van hit Sept 6 2008 029 Sept 6 2008 034

and the primary program practice and the yard work, we headed up to the farm. What a good afternoon!

Jason practiced how to be a country boy:

Sept 6 2008 014 Sept 6 2008 018Sept 6 2008 031

Joy worked on her cute watermelon eating skills:

Sept 6 2008 020 Sept 6 2008 021

Lizzy and Becca "hung" around:

Sept 6 2008 027 Sept 6 2008 028

Sammi and Joy laid around:

Sept 6 2008 032

Every girl should be so lucky as to have an Uncle like Nathan:

Becca learned to drive the tractor:

We had a great time! Thanks Mama and Daddy!Sept 6 2008 030


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