Saturday, May 31, 2008

Antenna and Tower

Today I went to help a friend build his antenna and erect the tower for it to go on.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I am behind the camera taking the pictures so I am not in any of the photos.

We put together the 3 element beam antenna so KG5YF (Chet) can talk on 10, 15, and 20 Meters.

HAM May 30 2008 003

Each section is about 26 feet from end to end.HAM May 30 2008 006

We then mounted the tower to the cement pillar near the house.HAM May 30 2008 007

we attached the COAX to the driven element to make the antenna broadcast.HAM May 30 2008 013

we attached the rotor to the tower to allow for moving the antenna in right direction.

HAM May 30 2008 014

we mounted the antenna to the tower.

 HAM May 30 2008 019HAM May 30 2008 018

pushed the tower up to the house and bracketed it to the house.

here is the finished antenna

 HAM May 30 2008 030

Good Luck Chet with the Antenna and 73!

(for all the non Ham's 73 means Best Regards and is the customary way to close a conversation)

So 73 to all.

W5CJT Clear for now

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