Sunday, January 27, 2008

Goodbye President Hinckley

Our beloved prophet passed away today about 7PM MST.
I love the prophet. I love his enthusiasm. I love his positive outlook on life. I love his love for us. I hope that my life reflects his teachings.

Did I ever tell y'all about the time that Sammi wrote to Pres. Hinckley? He wrote back! I couldn't believe that a 97 year old, busy, busy man would take the time to write a thank you note to a 9 year old child. That is a cherished piece of paper!

When I was 11 or just 12, President Kimball died. When my Mom found out, she cried. Now I understand how she felt.


Good-bye beloved Pres. Hinckley! We love you!

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Kathie said...

I remember when President Hunter died and we all went to Salt Lake to see him, can you imagine what it will be like with Pres. Hinckley. Selfishly I wanted him to live forever and always be around to guide me but I am glad that he can join his sweet wife and continue his work on that side of the veil. I will miss him terribly!