Friday, January 31, 2020


Kai and I go over this every day.  "B, /b/, backwards, braille word "but", braille number 2" 
His IEP was this month.  They are pleased with his growth and how his English is coming along!

Lunar New Year - Kai took red envelopes to school filled with chocoalte coins to give out.  He likes doing that.  We bought Chinese food.  The lady at the restaurant showed us her pictures from her family's celebration.  She slipped in some cake that Kai LOVED!

This is how I spend all of my free time - engrossed in genealogy!

New braces for the monkey child

Liz decided to perm her hair!

Joy had a follow up for her knee.  We discovered puberty has brought a length leg discrepancy and scoliosis.  New braces with a build up on the short size.  Now we follow up with the scoli clinic as well as the orthopedist.  And strawberry pancakes afterwards!

Lots of time with my babies this month!

Hearing aids for Daddy!

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