Sunday, April 08, 2018

Elizabeth’s Baptism

We drove to North Carolina to attend our cousin’s baptism.  I took Joy and Bella with me.  I want them to learn more and more about Jesus and baptism, so when they are ready, they too can be baptized.

We were on a trip – which to Joy means lots of McDonald’s  - happy day!


We made it to NC!


Cause I thought it was pretty!


I was happy to see my parents and my sister and her family.


We completed this puzzle – that little girl there is a puzzle champ!IMG_1941

Joy and her cousin Elizabeth


Aunt Kathie with Joy and Bella


Grandpa and Grandma with Joy and Bella


Driving home – more McDonald’s, of course!


While it was nice to get away and see family, I missed my Kai Kai.  And evidently, he missed me too.  Sunday night, he feel asleep holding my arm and I heard him say Mama a couple of times.  Sweet boy!

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