Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2018


Our cooking started on Wednesday, prepping and doing everything we could the day before.  Of course, after that much cooking, I wasn’t making dinner, so pizza it was!


My cute people


My wall decorations courteously of Mr Farris (the girls' teacher) and Jessi’s turkey

We enjoyed a feast.  Everything was lovely.  The girls and I were talking about the quantity of food we make for Thanksgiving.  Blake has added several dishes to the menu – because it isn’t Thanksgiving without….  So once everyone has gotten married and we have incorporated everyone’s favorites, we are going to need a banquet table to put everything out on!  :)

We were all stuffed and full.  After several hours, it was time to decorate – as per tradition.  Out came the boxes, down went Thanksgiving, and up went Christmas.  I am so grateful for that tradition – it gets done so fast and everyone helps!

Sammi had gone downstairs to take a nap.  When she came up, she said, “It’s a new season!”


My Ellie proof nativity – the other one is up high on a shelf she can’t reach :)


After decorating, everyone was ready for 2nds or (more) dessert!IMG_0841IMG_0846

Wish I could capture the beauty of a lit Christmas tree in a dark room!

So many stockings  :)


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