Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday Morning Explore

Such a beautiful morning – in the 60s!  It’s been so hot and yucky.  I’ve been stuck in the house.

I needed this morning to be out and to explore – and it was awesome!

We stopped and grabbed donuts then drove over to Harrods Creek Park.  It’s kinda hidden, but so wonderful!  I could feel my spirits raising with each second!


Loved hearing Bella say, “Mommy, yook!”  and watching her hike!  Even Joy enjoyed the hike and with all the problems she has been having with her feet lately, that was awesome!


Alex loved the grassy areas after trying to walk on the gravel path (hard to do with a cane!)20170729_09545320170729_095942

But he LOVED the water best of all!!



Jason found this cool swing on the trail. 


(Where are Jessi and Lizzy?  Being awesome and helping out at a Stake activity)

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