Thursday, November 24, 2016


We kept it low stress and low key this year. We slept as long as we were allowed – Alex is the boss when it comes to waking up around here.

We rotisseried a turkey breast instead of cooking a whole turkey.  There wasn’t that many of us – just us plus Becca, Blake and Ellie.   There was lots of help in the kitchen.  Grateful for kids who want to help!


Our feast and us!


After our digestive period – I took a nap :) -  we enjoyed way too many desserts. Then we set up our Christmas.  I love this time – probably more than anything else to do with Christmas!  I love watching what everyone remembers and loves.  I love watching Joy’s excitement!!  I love Sammi’s creativity.  I just love watching my family being happy.



Friday morning Sammi and Jason went out and bought a Christmas tree.  Now it’s all decorated.  Our house is ready for Christmas.

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