Sunday, May 15, 2016

This Week

This week started with Mother’s Day – it was a great day!  I had breakfast (a HUGE breakfast) in bed, went to church, they had a small buffet for the women during third hour.  It was just a great relaxing and wonderful day!  I’m so grateful to be a mother!  I have been blessed with the sweetest children.  I am so thankful!


I love how my blind boy can do this – he can go anywhere in the backyard.  He can do anything he wants!  LOVE IT!


Sammi made us a beautiful roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and cheesy cauliflower for dinner.  We had to save some, because that night Becca, Blake and Robin (his Mother) arrived.  They are moving from Virginia to Kentucky.  Robin helped to drive one of the cars.  What a great mom to spend your Mother’s Day driving across country!  They slept here that night then moved into their new house the next day.  Excited to have them close!  We spent Monday afternoon/evening helping them move in.


The Loves were in town for a doctor’s appointment and dropped by to see us.  We loved seeing them!!


Becca has been over to our house almost daily this week.  She got a job this week.  She is a Pharmacy tech at the Kroger by us.


I had this crazy feeling that something wasn’t right with Bell’s knee. I mentioned it to the PT.  I couldn’t even put it into words.  But she was kind and checked it out for me, telling me, You know her knee will never look like her left.  You know that her anatomy was changed in the operation.  Yep.  But she kept messing with it.  Sure enough, little Miss has strained her LCL and her patella tendon.  Back into a knee brace she goes.  She was NOT happy.  and she couldn’t go to Ballet – sad day Sad smile


So proud of Miss Sammi.  After she applied for a job at the library last week, we went back this week to follow up.  I’m not sure if she’ll get this job or not, but I was proud of her for walking in there and talking to strangers!


As part of my job at CES, I’ve been asked to attend Institute this summer and help out as needed.  This semester we are studying Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel.  I am excited!  This is my second ever Institute class.  I took one with Jason over at the Orem Institute back in the day.  Jason, Becca, and Blake all attended with me!

VIPS had a special Dads and Donuts morning on Tuesday.  Alex and Jas had a fabulous time!


Friday night was Eastern High School’s Spring Sing.  Jessi did a great job. (Joy made it half way – she loved the part she saw.  But at bedtime she asked to go home.)

  Late that night, we stopped at El Nopal for dinner!



Saturday the kids and I went to the McHanan Fire House.  They were kicking off the Crusade for Children drive.  They had lunch for everyone.  Tours of the fire house. A bouncy house to play in (Brother’s favorite).  And an old fire truck to play on (Bella and Joy’s favorite).  We had a great time!


Meanwhile, Jason and Blake went to see the Captain America movie – they loved it!


That night we went to the Adult Session of Stake Conference.  I loved it!  Elder Kopischke spoke on Family History work and temples.  It was great – he is a wonderful speaker.

That means the next morning was the general session of Stake Conference.  Things I liked: my big girls sang in the Seminary Choir.  Jessi and Sammi were in a quintet on the first verse.  Very cool!  Loved hearing the testimony of the Scott family.  They recently went to the temple to be sealed – amazing!  The patriarch read a diary from a great grandmother of a friend of his – best line – “never make any decision that will keep you outside of the temple.”  Elder Kopischke spoke on the Holy Ghost as this is the day of Pentecost.  Cons: two hours is an eternity with three little kids who don’t understand a single word being spoken.  Oh well, we were there and we were blessed for our attendance!

Loved that Becca and Blake (who are in our Stake) were able to come over for dinner afterwards – loved that.  Hopefully that will happen fairly frequently.


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