Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Trip to Virginia

Becca’s cancer removal surgery was scheduled for February 11, 2016.  That is also Lizzy’s birthday – so we tried to make it a fun day for Lizzy.

She and I left after work on Wednesday.  It was snowing and Jason didn’t want me driving on highway 64 through West Virginia.  So Lizzy and I headed south towards Knoxville, to go the back way, away from the snow.  Except my phone didn’t want me to go that way.  Every couple of minutes, it would tell Lizzy (my navigator) that it had found a new, faster route – meaning it was heading us back to 64.  We drove all over central and southern Kentucky trying to avoid the snow.

At one point along the way in nowhere Kentucky, the speed limit went from 65 to 55, which I must have failed to notice.  All of the sudden bright blue lights in my rear view mirror let me know of my mistake.  I was ticketed for going 5 miles over the speed limit – bummer!!  Fortunately, that will only cost me $5 + $138 court costs – sad day!  Notice, that means I THOUGHT I was 5 miles UNDER.  Oh well.  Pay attention to the signs, Shelly!

At this point, we must have lost sight of fighting the phone and it directed us back to 64 – so about an extra hour and a half plus a ticket and we still ended up on 64!!   Which, by the way, is a TOLL ROAD in that part of West Virginia!!  I had no cash because I hadn’t planned on going that way.  Ugh!  Oh well!  The toll plaza people were super sweet and I got it all straighten out.

Of course, being on 64 meant we had to deal with the snow, but now at night since we wasted so much time in nowhere Kentucky.  It was a white knuckle couple of hours, but we finally made it.  Our 6 1/2 hour drive turned into a 10 hour trip.  Oh well!  We were alive and grateful for that!  I was asleep five minutes after we got into our hotel room!


Cracker Barrel – I love their rocking chairs and I love that they have Braille menus!!


Staying at the hotel – enjoying our breakfast


And the real reason we were here – cancer removal.

They got it all!   So very, very grateful!!


Kabobs for lunch and then shopping at the Mall for her birthday (Bec was doing great!)


We stayed at Becca and Blake’s apartment that night.


And then headed home on Friday – much better weather!!


So grateful for our safe travels but mostly that my baby is cancer free!!

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