Sunday, April 06, 2014

Our Week

This is a picture of what true love looks like: 


Our power went out a few days ago and it fried my bedroom ceiling fan.  So after working, dinner, and Family Home Evening, Jason went to the store, bought, and installed a ceiling fan for me!  I can sleep again – thanks Jas!




Tuesday Brother had his Neurosurgery appointment.  He HATES his CT scans.  He fights and fights and fights.  I’m surprised they can read them at all!  But good news, his shunt is operating beautifully!  (He was tuckered out, though!)




Being outside and the kitties



I love Spring!


Crazy girl -  her latest motivation is music, specially Britt Nicole.  So to get her to walk down the stairs, her therapist used the ipad.


It’s been so nice out, we have been trying to be out as much as possible!

Joy’s school work


Jason’s new sunglasses!    Liz made me fancy hot chocolate!


Joy loving on her baby                     Working in OT


Liz’s art work                       I got to go to lunch with friends, one brought me this flower!IMG_9067IMG_9069

Brother is making the “b” sound in therapy – so exciting!   This little Miss has learned to remove her clothing.  Now we just need to learn to put it on properly.  Currently she likes to put everything on as a skirt – everything goes around her waist!


Wednesday for YW, we had a Sassy Service Scavenger Search.  (Yes, dressing up weird was part of the fun).  My team won!  (Sorry Jessi and Sammi!)


My cute boy and me!  How I love him!  Bella is taking steps – up to seven at a time now!!  Sorry for the blurry picture but I was trying to hurry before she fell – she was so cute.  She had put on Joy’s boots and was carrying Lizzy’s bag.  (another bag lady for the family!)


More kitten pictures – Bec keeps asking for photos, so we take lots!


Liz is on a big health kick.  So she is trying to eat healthy and exercise more.  We rode over to the newly refurbished neighborhood park and enjoyed ourselves.  I reminisced about how blessed we have been to live in this neighborhood for eleven years.  So many memories.  So many blessings!


Friday we took pizza and played at the park!



How I love this brave boy – he is following my voice.  He has no guideposts, no knowledge of this terrain, and yet he climbs and trusts that I will lead him aright.  How I pray that my faith will be as strong in my Father as Alex’s is in me!


Jessi and Alex – he loves to swing!                Joy had so much fun!


Someone has a little feeding tube jealousy going on!  With some extra oxygen tubing and paper tape, we played along.


Saturday we had a second garage sale for my friend.  We made an additional $300 for a total of $900 for their service dog!  Yeah!  We also got our garage cleaned out!  Introducing Alex to a football!

IMG_9108IMG_9109IMG_9110IMG_9111 IMG_9122

Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed General Conference.  I love sitting around with my family and watching prophets of the Lord teach us!

I made baklava for Sunday’s afternoon session.  Not as pretty as usual, but very tasty!!  (I did have help from a certain six year old!)

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