Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Week

My camera decided it had taken enough pictures of Turpins.  Sad.  I did find a very nice gentlemen to fix it (so grateful!).  So my camera is back, but the week went pretty undocumented except for what I could do with my phone!

For our fast this month, we fasted for Brother.  From an email I sent out,

Alex is still not speaking.  At 25 months, he is severely delayed in the realm of communication (he is at  a 3 to 6 month level).

Our family will be fasting on Sunday and asking, that if it be His will, that Heavenly Father will open Alex’s mouth, that his brain will comprehend, and that he will be able to communicate with us.

I do believe in miracles.  I do believe that one day Alex will communicate with us.  Of course, I would LOVE it to be sooner than later!  :)

School started back up with its routines and order that it brings to our lives.  I, for one, am grateful.  I have been struggling a bit emotionally and having places to be and schedules back in place has helped me tremendously.

We did get to ease a bit back into life.  We only have OT and TVI this week.  ST and PT are still out of town, so that was eleven less appointments for the week. 



  Back to school and back to Bearkat awards for Sammi.  So proud of how hard you work Sammi!

  For our FHE game, we played Headbanz – so funny!

  Cute Becca and her Didi!






Tuesday I had a YW Presidency Meeting.  I am grateful that I get to serve with these amazing women and with our good Bishop.  It is a blessing in my life.

IMG_3202Tuesday and Thursday was Lizzy’s 5th Grade Strings.  Since Bec was still in town, she went and helped out.  She really respects and likes Lizzy’s teacher.  She got to work with her during High School.  I am so grateful for all of the hands on experience Bec gets with Orchestra and with Choir (in her job in Pocatello).  I am so grateful that Mrs. Bailey in Idaho and Miss Reeves here have let her experience what teaching is really like.  And it helps my Becca Lynn (here and here (last paragraph)) to balance out how hard a music major actually is - knowing why she is killing herself, knowing the prize at the end helps. 




Crazy pictures – Bella “helping” me fold towels, It has been COLD here!, (terrible picture, but…) Joy reading scriptures to her babies


Bella loves her Daniel Tiger!!  Christmas in January!!  TVI brought so many exciting new things for Alex!  Those balls make noise so visually impaired children can find them.  Cool, huh?  More books to devour and learn from!  I love new things!   In the last picture OT and I are working on teaching Brother to use a tactile symbol to ask to eat.


Sweet sisters coloring a box and playing with one of Brother’s new balls.



Friday I took Bec out to Eden Café – they have several GF items on their menu!  And then that night she and Jason took off for Idaho.  That blurry picture?  That’s my heart walking away.


Saturday Sammi and I moved Joy into Bella’s room.  Joy has a big girl bed in there.  She LOVES her new bed!!  I love that the girls are together!


Two church basketball games for Jessi with Lizzy there to cheer her on.


After the YW Basketball games, we went to Burrough’s Park.  It was such a beautiful day, we HAD to enjoy it!


Playing around with hair for church.


Brother LOVES to play the piano!

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