Sunday, October 06, 2013

Our Week

Monday was the Fall Orchestra Concert.  Klein’s music program is truly amazing!

The Middle School and High School Harpists.  Jessi is the first harpist below.


Brother was napping and Joy felt he needed a few toys!  Working on those stairs.  I admire Brother so much.  I love how brave he is!!


Some things seem so intuitive, but close your eyes and imagine doing them without sight – like getting off a chair when your feet don’t touch the floor!

So cute – he was playing in the bath and discovered that if he blew air the horn made noise – sweet boy!

Lizzy started 5th Grade Strings – another viola player in the family!



Brother in his box.  We want him to speak so badly!!  Bella’s turn


She has the best grin.  She wants to jump so badly!   Brother thinks brushing is hysterical!IMG_6736IMG_6709IMG_6732

So exciting that her lungs are getting well enough to do horns!

Sammi stayed after for a Choir party – they watched Tangled and ate snacks.  She also got another Bearkat award!  Way to go Sammi!  It’s kinda been a best of times/worst of times kind of week for Sam.  These great times and a 101 on a math test and three panic attacks.  Poor babe.


Brother is learning to take off clothes.  A sweet friend brought Lizzy cookies and a get well card because her Dad had surgery.  So thoughtful!


Visiting Teaching surprise – apples and caramel.  Yummy!


A very cool spider and his lunch all wrapped up and ready.  Jessi, as always, in a book!IMG_6718IMG_6728

It’s the simple pleasures – like this super cool car!


These two are becoming better and better friends!  Terribly dark video, but fun that they are quizzing each other.


Sometimes she just looks so big to me!  After I made a very vegetable laden meal, Sammi and her Daddy were most pleased to see steak on the table the next night – carnivores, whatcha gonna do?


Brother is putting things in – wahoo!                   Getting ready for school!IMG_6743IMG_6745

Some mornings you just need more cuddles from sissy before you can even think about school!  Sammi’s choir shirt came in – she is super excited!  New pj’s for Halloween!  (and they glow in the dark!)


My 40th Birthday – a lovely day.  Thoughtful people remembered it was my birthday.  Brother and I went shopping (and miracle of miracles – I found some clothes!).  Kathie and I went to lunch where a very kind man bought our lunch for us. (thank you!!) A great Italian dinner at home with my favorite people (minus one who was very busy that day herself in Idaho!) And then a movie with way too much junk food.  A lovely day to turn forty.




Joy has figured out how to turn on music – we are in trouble!


General Conference

Love listening!  One day I actually want to go to the Conference Center.  That would be amazing!  What a remarkable thing that there were two talks on mental health at General Conference.  I love these men and women!   They really do know and understand the lives we lead, and they know that the best way to happiness is by following God’s Plan of Happiness.  So grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!


We made root beer – fun!  I loved watching Joy squeal the best!  Washing cars


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