Sunday, June 02, 2013

Our Week

Memorial Day – we drove around Tomball, had lunch out, visited a park, had DQ, and went to see Epic.  Fun day!

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Dancing and playing Split The Ward

IMG_4952 IMG_4960IMG_4953 

Science experiment on taste and sight vs. taste and smell …. and therapy

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Joy and Patches, we got to babysit this week – so cute, Jessi brought home an AB honor roll award.

IMG_4958  IMG_4969 IMG_4970



Jessi received quite an honor from her LA teacher.  Each teacher gets to pick one student and Mrs. Nash chose Jessi.  Very kind.  Jessi went for a special breakfast where she and the other LA Superstars were recognized.


Wednesday Brother went in for his 18 month check up.  He is now 22 pounds 13 ounces and 31.5 inches long with an 18 inch head circumference.  That puts him at 12% for weight, 20% for height, and no head circumference change since October (which is fine since when his shunt failed his head got huge – now he’s just growing into it).  Everyone tells me what a big boy he is, but he’s actually quite small.  That’s OK.  I got out the adjusted Asian chart.  We think he’s just about right :) and the chart agreed.  50% for height and about 55% for weight.  Can’t ask for better!   He walked away from that visit with two referrals – one to ENT and one to Neurology.

Wednesday night Liz, Jes, Sam, and Bec went to the Stake Center to get their temple recommends signed by the Stake Presidency so they can go to the temple on June 7th to see Alex sealed to our family!!!

Kris came to visit us!!!!  Cute Zachary!

IMG_4963 IMG_4966 IMG_4967IMG_1517

Playing with Brother

 IMG_4961 IMG_4982   IMG_4972

Wanted to preserve a typical morning’s likeness – Jessi reading a book while drinking hot chocolate, Sam with her cereal, Joy running around doing everything she can NOT to get ready

IMG_4973 IMG_4975IMG_4974 

Joy is loving the access to paint supplies.  She insisted on helping Brother put on his socks.  He was very tolerate of his sister’s “help.”

IMG_5096 IMG_5099  

From 7 AM till 2:30 PM on Saturday Liz and I spent in the Woodlands at her swim meet.  We discovered a great park we are going to have to take the family to!

Becca’s last Sunday in Young Women – incredible!!

IMG_1524 IMG_1529

This week was also:

Jessi’s Concert

Jessi’s Recital

Brother’s Finalization

Joy’s Birthday

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