Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Week

My sister sent this quote in reference to Brother:

Perhaps we should be looking less with our eyes and more with our hearts. I love the quote: “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”7

This is from Elder Uchtdorf's talk and is from The Little Prince.

Love ya Cyndi, thanks!                           Linda, Lizzy, and Alex at church.    


Super Bowl that night – Brother was given these 49ers socks from his NICU. He wore them, but his team still lost.


Spring birds are here!  I’ve seen robins and these cute Carolina Chickadees!


Grandma gave Joy a cool folding book.  Sammi wanted to make one.  So she fretted and pondered and finally succeed.  A lot more math than she expected! 

Lizzy working on spelling words.


Bella and her love of “Dynamite!”


Crazy girls – Joy watched Daniel Tiger learn about going to the potty.  The only part she picked up on was the part where she washes her hands. Over and over and a million times a day!  At least she’s clean! (and I’m going through a lot of liquid hand soap)

You call that a remote, she calls it a phone!  :)


Sammi and Becca were sick all week long – seriously.  Bec’s friend brought her magical hot chocolate and a card to cheer her up!  So sweet!     Lizzy was my big helper with the big girls down!


Be still my heart!!  Senior announcements ….


Lizzy – Art Club, Valentine Mosiac    Activity Day Girls – flower arrangements, fun week!IMG_3168IMG_3171

Kris stopped by!!!


I made these cute counting jars for Joy and Bella from old Similac cans.  IMG_3176

Spring blossoms!! (and a strawberry)


Time for new AFOs, braces, and sure steps for the girls. Measuring and casting Bella. Loved how Joy started measuring her own feet! So grateful our orthotist comes to the house!


therapy shots


working so hard on crawling and protective extensions


Loving on this sweet boy


Playing Duck, Duck, Goose.  Bella wants to play so badly – but she has to be carried.  She is pretty persistent and gets her way!  She and Joy are so funny!


Picking up cute Jessi after school.  She always get to ride in the front seat after school.

Joy, oh Joy – she put this Mama’s heart into panic mode.  She started limping. I’ve searched for splinters, shoes that are too tight, anything, and nothing.  It has continued on and off for a week and a half, so when we were in the doctor’s for Bec, I asked if we could do some blood work.  I know, I’m crazy, but I live in constant fear of leukemia.  Monday  (2/11) we got the good word that her thyroid, kidneys, and blood are all normal.  Yeah.


Saturday was the camp fundraiser and Lizzy’s birthday party.

photo (17)photo (18)photo (14)

Saturday night was Sammi’s first dance – I took Bella with me for the drive over to the Spring Stake Center.  She told me she was “happy!” she got to go.  Sweet girl!  Sammi was excited, but nervous to go.  When we got there she had a complete panic attack.  Poor thing.  Not what she was planning after getting dressed up, having Becca curl her hair, and do her makeup (even mascara!).  I knew we couldn’t just leave – that would be it.  She would never return to a dance.  So I told her we would go find some people.  Poor thing, walking in with her Mom and little sister.  We found a sister from our ward who was chaperoning and Bella and I planted ourselves on the couch next to her.  That way we looked more like chaperons and less like crazy Mom and sister.  I told Sammi I wouldn’t leave until she was ready.  She saw a couple of girls from our ward, but she wasn’t brave enough yet to go into the gym with them.  Finally, it was her cousin Chandra that helped her.  Chandra talked to her about the noise and all the people.  Ahh, someone who understood!  After a bit, Sammi went in with Chandra.  How grateful I was to my niece!  What a blessing to have someone who understands!  From there on she did better and better.  She got asked to dance by the guy she kinda, sorta, maybe has a crush on!!!  (the happy picture below).  We left an hour early, but she was there for an hour and a half and she was happy when we left.  I’d call that a success!


and yeah for Brother…..two more teeth came this week, bringing us up to a grand 4!

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