Sunday, November 04, 2012

Our Week

Our library trip was great – but I loved how Joy wanted to check out her own books!  Jessi’s very last service project for her Faith in God award.  She made a cake for our Primary President.  She was recently released after years of service.  Jessi thanked her for her service.nov 4 001nov 4 002

At Uncle Nathan’s game

nov 4 009nov 4 011nov 4 012

I got to go to Lizzy’s school and see her presentation on bugs.  She was so happy to have me there!

nov 4 016nov 4 017

Sammi’s eye exam – wonderful news!  After several years of rapid deterioration, Sammi had barely any change this last six months – wahoo!  The girls working on Halloween crafts.

nov 4 023IMG_1916

Becca missed three days of school with her croup.  That is an eternity for a High Schooler!  She had time to make herself warm breakfast.  Introducing her new fav – GF waffles, sausage, eggs, cheese, syrup, topped with another GF waffle.


Carving the pumpkin


Brother – how we love you!


Chalk Drawing


When I pick her up after school, I always ask Jessi about each period of her day.  So she has started taking notes so she can tell me about her day.  Haha!  I think that’s brilliant!   

Sammi was delighted with her hair – we braided it and it came out looking like this.  She loves it when it’s curly and controlled!


The girls happy to be together.   My family stopped by.  The cows were processed and had to be delivered.


Halloween – we all went out except Becca.  She was still struggling with croup, so she stayed home and handed out candy.  Joy had an adventure – more on that in her blog!

photo (23)photo (24)photo (26)photo (27)IMG_1967


OT – Joy had to wear gloves like Miss Rosie!


Finger-painting – Lizzy couldn’t be left out!


Sometimes the big girls just have to leave and be teenagers – they usually just go and get a drink, sometimes they window shop.  I love that they spend time together!

Lizzy and her play date

The girls' Art Club project – corn cob lanterns


Didi – he loves to jump!  Becca loves this boy!


Brother during vision therapy


Becca and Daddy composing a song together on the ipads

Becca had to take Joy to dance class.  She did both of their hair in pig tailsIMG_2036IMG_2040

We celebrated Jessi’s 12th birthday this week.    More pictures of Brother’s cuteness


Daddy and sweet Brother      PT showing how Brother is making progress towards crawling!IMG_2059IMG_1963

Jessi’s new art desk                 Joy loves to play in the closet with the flashlight

photo (28)photo (29)

And some fun videos about Brother

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