Sunday, August 05, 2012

Our Week

Bella loves to wake up and cuddle with Alex.  She loves him so much!

august 2 005DSC00812august 2 015

Some therapy shots: Some liquid/straw training     Pulling herself up on the pianoaugust 2 012august 2 009

Our cherry bush is blooming. Tuesday Cyndi went to the temple and Michael got to play with us.  I’ve never watched Michael before.  That boy has some skills!  He joined us for OT.  august 2 016august 2 017august 2 019

Joy and Michael looking through colored blocks at the world outside.  That night my sisters, my Mom, and I went out to dinner.  Very fun!

august 2 021DSC00809

Flowers the girls found in our yard.

august 2 022august 2 025

Laying around, watching a movie            Hanging around in therapy – Joy and Bellaugust 2 028august 2 029

Combo therapy – Joy loved the beans, Bella freaked!   Checking out the power chair!august 2 035august 2 040

Different positions in space                     Katie’s 13th birthday – we dropped by a cute cupcakeaugust 2 043Aug 5 003DSC00813

Due to a re-scheduled therapy appt, I realized we had NOTHING scheduled on Friday.  Nothing.  Nada.  I honestly have no idea how long it’s been since we had a free day (years maybe?)  I took everyone except Bella and Becca (weather and nature – eww!  Where did I fail?) to the Peckinpaugh Preserve.

Aug 5 004Aug 5 005Aug 5 007Aug 5 010Aug 5 014Aug 5 015Aug 5 018

We thought this was a great path!    This yellow leaf was suspended in mid air (a web, but cool)

Aug 5 029Aug 5 040

Terrific bridge!

Aug 5 035Aug 5 038Aug 5 042Aug 5 043Aug 5 047

A squirrel proof bird feeder – haha!    Our picnic.  It was only 93 degrees :)

Aug 5 049Aug 5 060 

love that the girls look for the beauty now, not just me.  We thought this would have made a fun outdoor gathering place for church (but not in August!)

Aug 5 068Aug 5 053Aug 5 076Aug 5 050

We came home and played Rummikub in the air conditioning!

Aug 5 085Aug 5 086

Little girls playing in the ball house, Becca has decided Didi’s instrument will be the piano, Have I mentioned (only a million times) how much Bella loves her Didi?

Aug 5 090Aug 5 091Aug 5 093Aug 5 096

Discovered something that I plan to use to my advantage! (insert evil laugh)  Bella adores Alex.  Bella wants to be around Alex.  Alex is starting baby food.  So for every bite I gave Alex, I gave one to Bella, who took it because brother was.  Wahoo!  Perhaps, (hoping, hoping, hoping) as Brother works his way through learning to eat, Bella will learn with him!  That would be AWESOME!

Saturday we went to Old Town Spring with Kathie, Zaba, my Mom, and Mandy.


In our two and a half hours there, we really only hit two stores and had lunch.  But we had fun.  I had to take Jessi and Lizzy to a birthday party, but Sammi and Becca went back to spend more time out there window shopping.  They brought me home some fudge! :)


Joy loved this little play house!  Jessi and Mandy loved the puppets!


At the Bead Shop, Jessi and Lizzy made bracelets as presents for the birthday party they were headed to.  Kathie made a bracelet for Zaba and Marlissa.  Mandy made one for herself.  Becca took pictures of some of the beads – dragonflies for Cyndi and cats for her viola teacher.



Alex’s great laugh

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