Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Rest of the Week

It was a very busy birthday week at our house!  Bella turned 2Jessi turned 10

Monday Lizzy taught us a lesson on how Jesus created the animals and plants.  Then she had us carve our pumpkin.  A little late in the season, but we got it in.IMG_8479IMG_8504

Playing around with the camera:


Sammi is preserving flowers in Borax Acid.  We’ll see how that goes.


I loved this.  The weather was so nice, they were all doing homework outside.  Becca had asked Sammi for some help about Greek mythology, since Sammi studied that last year.


Sammi and Jessi went to Activity Days – together.  They are in the same group until Sammi turns 12.  Very fun!  Sammi got this spin art kit for passing off something.  Our sweet Bella Bug.  And our future nurse.  Lizzy loves nursing!  She asks questions all the time of the nurses.


Sammi is working on making a bag from recycled grocery bags.  Sammi loves to create pictures on the computer.  She is really rather good at it!  She is always inventing new stories to go along with her pictures.

IMG_8556nov 7 001

Tuesday, Nov 2nd – Election Day!  I voted at the school, but Jason voted early.  Tuesday night – Jason watching the returns coming in.

nov 7 014IMG_8544nov 7 016

Wednesday – We took Bella down to the doctor.  We had to take Joy because Sammi and Jessi were at the Renaissance Festival with Grandma Ball.  I’m hoping to see some pictures!  They had a lot of fun that day!  We got to see Marlissa down at TCH while we were down there.


Lizzy loves soccer – and she is doing really well!  She scored at this game!


Push me sister!  I love it!


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