Friday, April 18, 2008

Adoption Day

Today was a wonderful day!!!!

Today we woke up very early (4:30 for adults and 5 AM for kids - ugh).  Then we got ready and drove through an amazing rain storm down to the Fort Bend County Court House.

We walked into the wrong court.  We obviously looked out of place - so they sent us over to the Family Court, instead of the Criminal Court. (!)

The kids were able to go through their first metal detectors (exciting!).  Upstairs on the third floor, we meet other families having their adoptions finalized.  We were the third family to finalize today.  We all came up to the front (all seven of us!!) when we were called.  We were all sworn in (the Judge was being kind to the kids - it was cute!).  Then the attorney read through the Adoption Decree and asked us a bunch of questions.  Then the judge asked us if we had any questions.  Then he asked the kids if they had any questions.  He handed out a stuffed animal to all the kids.  (They were turtles - we named Joy's "Judge.")   Then he granted the request.  It was over - we have officially adopted Joy!  WAHOO!

adoption day 004

Daddy, Joy, and Mama

 adoption day 001

Joy, Daddy, and Judge the Turtle

On the way home, we drove through our old neighborhood and got to visit with my friend, Myra.  That was nice to catch up!

We stopped at the newly re-opened Valley Ranch and Grill for lunch.  It was yummy! 

adoption day 006

Five Turpin girls - legally, even!

Our baby is officially 100% ours!  WAHOO!  YEAH! 

Happy Day!!

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Caleb T Ricks said...

I am so excited, grateful and feel so blessed that she is a part of our family legally now!! I am so glad that things went so very well and that there were no hang ups in the process. Love you all so much, Kathie