Saturday, October 13, 2007

Amateur Radio Operator

Our church has requested that those interested in becoming HAM radio operators to take a free class that they were offering.  It is something I have always been interested in so I went ahead and took the classes.

HAM radio operators have three levels of classification; Technician, General, and Extra. 

The class covered the Technician level and prepared us for the exam. 

The Exam was this morning and I passed the Technician and General levels.  In about two weeks my new call sign will be granted and posted and I can start using my license as an Amateur Radio Operator at the General class level.

This also allows me to get involved with some of the Emergency services, (both civil and independent).

I am excited to be able to use it and play with the capabilities this license gives to me.  And thanks to my family for letting me have a night each week for the past month so I could go to the class.

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