Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Car!

The Cadillac finally had one (more like 10 or 15) too many problems so it is time for a new vehicle.

On Wednesday July 26th, I went to Fred Haas Toyota World in Houston. I picked out a sand colored Toyota Corolla.

It is a manual 5 speed.

Shelly told becca that in 5 years this would be the car she would learn to drive in. That is scary!!!!


Kathie said...

the new car looks so nice - it is great that I can see picture of it.

Cyndi said...

Yea, new car! Now if we can just keep the mice away! I think it was smart to get a new one. A steady car payment is better than an unexpected couple of thousand dollars every few months!

jturpin said...


I know the car payment is coming each month and that oil changes come every couple of months.

an older car that suddenly needs $2500 in repairs can deplete you very quickly.